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TreeHive Strategy

Innovation and analytics from a unique perspective

Donald Farmer is a strat

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Executive coaching and strategy development for innovation, data and analytics.


Focussed sessions with clear deliverables. Topics include Innovation, Differentiation, Message development, Data and Analytics Monetization

Content and Delivery

Unique keynotes, webinars, white papers, blogs and podcasts

Learn more about our services, or see below for our online courses.

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Online courses

TreeHive Strategy
Product Management Courses

TreeHive Strategy Product Management courses are unique. They are designed to be simple to follow, but engaging and insightful.

We avoid the rigid prescriptions of common training. Instead we want to give all product managers practical and flexible, frameworks for their work. Along with this we hope to pass on enough knowledge and understanding for product managers to develop their own unique research, agendas and plans without imposing a strict methodology.

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Embedded Analytics

Our new book from O'Reilly

Over the past 10 years, data analytics and data visualization have become essential components of an enterprise information strategy. And yet, the adoption of data analytics has remained remarkably static, reaching no more than 30% of potential users. This book explores the most important techniques for taking that adoption further: embedding analytics into the workflow of our everyday operations.

Authors Donald Farmer and Jim Horbury show business users how to improve decision making without becoming analytics specialists.

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Book a consultation

A 1-hour call to unblock your thinking and unlock your way forward

For many leaders and teams, there's a single issue which blocks them. You may face a difficult choice of options, a dead-end in your ideation, or have reached an impasse with your team stuck in groupthink. 

An hour can be enough. A fresh perspective with a compelling breadth and depth of experience can help. An insightful thinker can break through barriers.

If that's what you need, you can set up a call here.

Radical thoughts guaranteed!

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Contact me

The TreeHive is our lovely, creative thinking space in the woods. Many of my best ideas come in treehouse time.

You're very welcome to email me or connect on social networks. And you can follow my blog. Or book an introductory call.

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