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TreeHive Strategy is the advisory practice of Donald Farmer, globally recognized as an innovative thinker and a visionary product leader in innovation strategy and data analytics.

I deliver workshops in data and analytics strategy planning for product teams ranging from the worlds largest software companies to new venture.

I also mentor executives, founders and product leaders who need guidance in innovation and in building new, differentiated messages.


Innovation and Design

The next generation of your work

Every business wants to innovate, but few have developed a practical process to deliver new ideas. I can help with surprisingly practical advice on innovation and differentiation.

I believe that is innovation is not just about doing things incrementally better, or just doing something new. Innovation requires us to create something radically different. 

My workshops and mentoring programs have helped numerous companies to develop new practices, unique messaging and transformative products.


Software Vendor Strategy

Find your uniqueness, build it, tell the world.

In addition to innovation techniques, I have a range of proven workshops focussed on the needs of software vendors. I have run these effective impactful sessions around the world with teams from the largest software companies to startups which have barely started.

Topics include Product Differentiation, Narratives for Product Management, Messaging Strategy, Building Products for the Long Term and Analytics as a Line of Business.


The Analytics Gameplan

Turn good intentions into practical impact

Data without analytics is a wasted asset. Analytics without action is a wasted effort.

An Analytics Gameplan is a pragmatic blueprint which untangles your strategy into tightly-scoped, achievable, steps. Our workshops enable you to plan for the technologies, techniques and skills you need. The  process includes mentoring for your analytics leaders as they build a strong culture of analytics.

I can help to set out your path for business intelligence, machine learning, improved data literacy and better governance.


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The TreeHive is our lovely, creative thinking space in the woods. Many of my best ideas come in treehouse time.

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